WordPress is FOWCing with Fandango…Again

As most of you know

  1. I blog using my iPhone
  2. I hate the block editor because it sucks on an iPhone

And, as most of you also know, I host a number of prompts, including my daily FOWC with Fandango prompt. What I do with this (and my other prompts), is

  1. log on to https://fivedotoh.com/wp-admin
  2. use the classic editor version on the wp-admin site
  3. copy the latest published or recently scheduled post for the new prompt post
  4. that opens up the post to be copied in classic editor
  5. make the necessary changes for the new prompt post in the classic editor
  6. save and schedule the updated post for the appropriate day and time in the classic editor

But as of today, when I go to the wp-admin site on my iPhone and try to copy an existing post that was published using the classic editor, it opens up the copied post in the goddam fucking block editor. At least it does on my iPhone — I haven’t tried it yet on my laptop.

And as of today, even if I’m logged on to wp-admin, when I go to add a new post, it opens up the block editor with no option to use the classic editor.

I’m going to reach out to the WordPress happiness engineers, but I’m pretty sure I know what they’ll tell me: “Too bad, so sad.”

But I’m telling you folks, this may be the proverbial straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. If this is the way it’s going to be from now on, I may stop posting my prompts. Hell, I may stop posting altogether.

Dear WordPress

I just sent this screed below to the “too bad, so sad” response I got from the Happiness Engineers at WordPress. I know it won’t do any good, and that I’m shouting into deaf ears, but I had to get it off my chest. If you’re a fan of the block editor, if you don’t use or don’t care about the hassle that the block editor is causing for those of us who blog using our smartphones, or if you are just sick and tired of  bloggers like me whining about being forced to use it, feel free to skip this post. I won’t be offended.

Dear WordPress,

I’m having trouble wrapping my head around WordPress’ strategy. You say that the classic editor available on the plugin in the Business Plan is the same one that is available at the wp-admin site. And you say that it was “built with the assistance from members of [your] own team and made available to all WordPress sites at no extra charge.” My question is why, then, did you dump the classic editor that was on the wordpress.com site (the regular one, not the wp-admin site) but keep the one at the wp-admin site?

I blog on an iPhone. It gives me a tremendous amount of flexibility as to where and when I blog. The block editor that you have tried to shove down our throats is virtually unusable on a small smartphone screen. And, the classic editor in the wp-admin site, while better than the block editor on the iPhone, is certainly not optimized for use on a mobile device. Conversely, the classic editor version on wordpress.com that was available (until you dumped it) on an iPhone via the Safari or Chrome browsers, was very easy to use on a small screen. So why not continue to support that version of the classic editor for those of us who prefer to use WordPress from our smartphones?

I know you’ve recommended to those of us who user iPhones for blogging, that we use the editors in the WordPress iOS app. I’ve tried using both the classic editor and the block editor on the iOS app and they are both what I’d call “lite” versions of the comparable editors you see on a laptop. These “lite” versions are missing some functionality that I would like to have, and often used, on the standard classic editor version that was available at wordpress.com. So even when I start using the classic editor in the iOS app, I often have to then go to wp-admin and finish my post using that version of the classic editor in order to get to be publishable.

Since you’ve stopped making the classic editor version on wordpress.com available to us, blogging, for me, anyway, has become more of a burden than a pleasure. I feel like I have to jump through hoops to create and publish my posts. It’s more onerous than enjoyable to use and it requires many more steps and takes much longer to publish my posts. There are a lot of bloggers who have gone mobile and are using their smartphones for their blogs, and most of us are not happy with the block editor. Based upon what I’m hearing from other bloggers I follow, a lot of them are also unhappy (even angry) at losing the classic editor — even those who use their laptops or desktops as their devices of choice.

So in the interest of keeping us on WordPress, which I believe is the best blog hosting site available, please bring back the classic editor version that you no longer make available on wordpress.com. Give us back the choice of using that or of embracing the block editor. Otherwise, I’m going to have to leave WordPress and I know of a lot of other long-time WordPress bloggers who are considering doing the same.

Reinstate the classic editor that you no longer offer. Please give us, your end-users, a choice of editing options, especially editing options that are mobile device friendly. Otherwise, as much as I will miss blogging here and all of the relationships I’ve established with other WordPress bloggers, I’m going to have to say sayonara to WordPress.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

You may recall that back on August 21st I wrote a whiny post about how upset I was that WordPress was forcing us to use its clunky block editor by essentially decommissioning the classic editor. In that post, I announced that, after the end of August, I was going to take a bit of a hiatus from blogging.

So now that August is over, am I actually going to take a hiatus from blogging? After all, I’m still quite pissed off at WordPress for retiring the classic editor. Because I use an iPhone for my blog, and because the block editor is not exactly optimized to use on an iPhone, I have to jump through proverbial hoops in order to create posts, whereas with the classic editor, it was a piece of cake.

I’ve discovered that the WordPress app for iOS for the iPhone does still have — although I don’t know for how much longer — a version of the classic editor. I call it “classic lite” because it’s missing some key functionality that I typically used on wordpress.com on the Safari browser on my iPhone before that version of the classic editor got the ax.

So what I have to do now is create a draft of my post on the “classic lite” editor on the iOS app and take it as far as I can before I save it. Then, if I need to fine tune it further, I, go to wordpress.com on the Safari (or Chrome) browser, log on to “fivedotoh.com/wp-admin,” and use that version of the classic editor to polish up the draft post as necessary in order to get it just the way I want it. The “/wp-admin” classic editor is better than the block editor, but it’s still more challenging to use on an iPhone than the classic editor that WordPress recently retired.

Bottom line is that it’s taking significantly longer for me to compose, preview, edit, and publish my posts because it now requires two different versions of the classic editor instead of just one, as it did before all this shit went down a few weeks ago. Even so, I’ve decided that I’m not taking a hiatus from my blog. I’m going to slog through it. I will do my best to continue with my prompts until it just becomes too onerous to go on.

Thank you all for your kinds words, support, and encouragement throughout what I call my ordeal. Maybe WordPress will deign to revive its classic editor for those many of us — especially those of us who primarily use our smartphones for blogging — who are not happy about being forced to use that damn block editor.

Chip Off The Old Blockhead

When I woke up this morning and opened up WordPress in my browser, this is what I found.


So I immediately invoked the Classic block and started writing. It looked familiar and I thought to myself, hey, this ain’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I started writing my first post using the Classic block of the Block Editor and things were progressing, although it was taking me longer to do what I wanted to do, from creating links to imbedding images. Then this happened.WTF WordPress? You’re forcing me to use the Block editor and when I try to use the Classic block, I encounter an error and my draft has disappeared. Really?

So I started over and, after a half an hour of composing something that should have taken maybe five minutes, I got another “block has encountered an error” error message. Are you fucking kidding me?

I shut down my iPhone and reopened my blog using the “wp-admin” extension and then clicked on “Add New” under “Posts,” and arrived here.

Different from the normal Classic editor in the browser, but familiar enough to proceed. And proceed I did.

Now, after taking way more than hour to write a post that would have taken me ten minutes to write yesterday, I’m giving serious consideration to cutting down on the frequency of posting, dropping some of my prompts, or even shutting down “This, That, and the Other.” If this is what it takes to keep my blog going, it just may not be worth it. The thrill is gone.