Hole in the Wall

IMG_2622“Daddy, can you make me a ‘hole in the wall’ egg for breakfast?” she asked.

“Sure, sweetheart,” he said, “But you have to help.” He handed her a slice of bread and told her to remove a small hole from its center. He got out a frying pan and some butter and an egg and started melting the butter in the pan.

She handed him the slice. The hole was in the shape of a heart, and before he could say anything, she smiled and said, “It’s because I love you, Daddy.”

The butter wasn’t the only thing that melted.

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Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.


Day 14 — Skin Cancer


Suzanne McClendon’s September Challenge is comprised of 30 questions (one for each day of this month) regarding your background and history.

Day 14: Do you tan easily or do you burn instead?

I used to burn badly. And despite the pain, the blistering, and the peeling layers of skin that made me look like a zombie (or Steve Bannon), I continued to expose my epidermis to the sun, rarely applying sunscreen.

These days I stay out of the sun unless I’m wearing a hat, a long sleeved shirt, and long pants. That’s because five years ago I was diagnosed with skin cancer.

Fortunately, it wasn’t melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer. It was squamous cell carcinoma, a common and treatable form.

I’m now skin cancer free, but I’m not taking any chances. So if you see a guy out walking his dog covered from head to toe in clothing, even on the hottest of days, that might very well be me.

#100WW — Peaceful Protest


The cops lined up in the middle of the street reminded me of storm troopers. I thought it was overkill for what was going to be a peaceful protest.

My wife and I arrived at the appointed time, joining several hundred others who were already gathered, many holding large signs. One woman was speaking to the crowd using a bullhorn while others cheered her on.

That’s when a gunshot rang out and chaos ensued. It was hard to tell whether it was the storm trooper cops or the neo-Nazi counter-protesters who injured more members of our peaceful group.

(100 words)

Written for today’s 100 Word Wednesday prompt from Bikurgurl. Photo credit: Izaak Standridge.

The Dinner Guest

Image result for three for dinner

Eddie had barely knocked on the door before it swung open. Hank was standing there with a big grin on his face. “Hey buddy, how are you doing? So glad you could make it tonight,” Hank motioned for Eddie to enter the apartment. “Can I get you some wine? A beer?”

“Beer would be good,” Eddie replied.

Molly emerged from the kitchen carrying a beer, which she handed to Eddie. “Do you want a glass, Eddie, or just the bottle?” she asked.

“The bottle’s fine.”

Molly headed back into the kitchen, while Hank sat down in an easy chair and pointed toward the sofa, signaling Eddie to take a seat.

The two men chit-chatted for a few minutes before Molly came out holding a tray full of sliced roast beef, which she set on the dining table. “Hank,” she said. “Please bring the sides out.”

Once everything was on the table, the three sat down and proceeded to eat and talk. Eddie learned that Molly was a receptionist at a dentist’s office and Hank was a pharmacist. They had been married for about three years, the second for both.

When they asked, Eddie told them that he got divorced about five years earlier, the result of almost constant travel for months at a time due to his job as a systems consultant.

Their dinner and discussion was pleasant and Eddie appreciated the companionship for a change. When Molly got up to start clearing the dishes, Eddie asked if he could help, but Molly insisted that she was fine taking care of it on her own.

Hank and Eddie moved back into the living room and sat back down, Hank in his easy chair, Eddie on the sofa.

“So Molly and I like to relax and watch TV after a nice dinner like that,” Hank said. “Would you care to join us?”

Eddie glanced at his watch; it was just past 10 p.m. Except for sports, he rarely watched TV, so he thought it might be something nice to do for a change. “Sure, I’ll stay for a little while. What do you like to watch?”

Hank got a wide grin on his face. “Molly and I have a penchant for getting naked and watching X-rated movies.”

Just as he completed his sentence, Molly walked into the living room wearing nothing but her winning smile.

written for today’s one-word prompt, “penchant.” But when I published it and then checked on the Daily Prompt site, this is what showed up:


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