Saints and Sinners

No one can say that the behaviors of either Senator Al Franken or Republican Senatorial candidate Roy Moore are saintly.

Both men have been accused of sexually inappropriate behavior toward women (or in the case of Moore, teenage girls). But that is where the similarities end.

Franken has admitted that he was inappropriate with the women who have come forward, he is contrite, and he is willing to submit to a congressional ethics committee investigation.

Moore has vehemently denied having done anything wrong, claiming that all of those who have accused him of sexual misconduct are lying.

I’m not condoning what Al Franken has done, but at least he’s manning up and taking responsibility. Roy Moore, on the other hand, is following the Trumpian path of deny, deny, deny, despite credible evidence to support the accusations against him.

But what I find truly remarkable is the difference between the way the Democrats and Republicans are handling these accusations.

Al Franken’s Democratic peers in the Senate are calling for him to resign his Senate seat, which he is likely to announce at a scheduled press conference tomorrow.

Republicans, however, are going all in for the accused pedophile Roy Moore. Trump has endorsed him. McConnell, who previously called for Moore to step aside, now says it’s up to the voters in Alabama to decide. The RNC has reinstated funding for Moore’s campaign. And if elected, it’s unlikely the GOP will not let Moore serve, since they need the votes for their draconian tax plan.

In a clear “party over country” message, the GOP would rather have a Republican pedophile in the Senate than risk having another Democrat in the Senate.

So here’s the double standard: Democrats are to be held accountable for bad behavior while Republicans are supported, no matter what abhorrent acts they’ve been accused of.

This is the height of hypocrisy. But this apparently is the way things are in the age of Trump.

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “saintly.”


Manic Monday — Hmmm


Hmmm“Oh my God,” said Cindy. “Did you see Trump’s latest tweet?”

“No,” said Aaron. “I’ve stopped paying attention to his tweets. They’re crazy. He’s crazy.”

“I know,” Cindy responded. “He tweets things that make you go, ‘hmmm.’ I honestly think he’s lost it. I don’t know if it’s dimentia or if he is just plain nuts.”

“I go for all of the above,” said Aaron. “And in the meantime, our country is in such a downward spiral. I wish some of the Republicans in Congress would go ‘hmmm’ and do something to stop that madman before it’s too late.”

“Don’t count on it,” Cindy said. “Republicans would rather send a pedophile to Congress than vote for a Democrat. Talk about things that make you go ‘hmmm.'”

“Hmmm,” said Aaron.

Written for this week’s Manic Monday prompt from Sandi over at Flip Flops Every Day. The prompt is to write a post using the title to the song, “Things that make you go Hmmm” from C+C Music Factor. I’d never heard that song before reading her post.

The Weak Wing

My fascination with political dramas on TV dates back to “The West Wing,” which aired on NBC from September 1999, to May 2006. Despite political turmoil that swirled around the fictional White House, I could always count on President Bartlett, played by Martin Sheen, to take the principled path. It was inspirational to me.

Sadly, I can no longer watch contemporary political dramas on TV anymore. It’s too depressing. The main characters in shows like “Madam Secretary” and “Designated Survivor,” played by Tea Leoni and Kiefer Sutherland, respectively, portray high powered, principled individuals who are really trying to do good things on behalf of the American people. The protagonists in these two shows are scrupulous, they care more about their constituents than about themselves, and are trying to accomplish positive things.

Conversely, the real-life horror show being played out in the Trump administration is more like “House of Cards” and “Scandal.” And like those shows, the melodrama being played out in and around the White House is populated by unscrupulous, inexperienced, corrupt sycophants whose only objective is to satisfy their own unenlightened self-interests.

When I compare those smart, integrity-filled lead characters on “The West Wing,” “Madam Secretary,” and “Designated Survivor” to the flawed, morally bankrupt, and dangerous miscreants who populate the Trump White House and administration, it hurts my heart.