A Jiffy or Two


“I’ll be down in a jiffy,” Angie called down to her husband.

Stan looked at his watch and just shook his head. “Yeah, right,” he mumbled under his breath. “In a jiffy. She doesn’t know the meaning of the word.” He picked up the latest issue of a magazine from the coffee table and started absently leafing through it.

Five minutes later he called up to his wife. “Angie, how are you doing up there?”

“If you stop interrupting me, I’ll be down soon,” she yelled back. Men, she thought. How lucky they are that they don’t have to go through this process just to make themselves presentable.

Another five minutes passed and Stan was getting worried that they’d be late for the dinner his new boss had invited them to. He wanted to make a good impression. “Angie?” he called up to her.

“Almost,” she responded.

Now Stan was pacing back and forth in the foyer until he couldn’t take it anymore. He bounded up the steps, walked swiftly to the master bedroom and saw his wife standing just inside the doorway.

“I’m ready,” she said.

“Wow!” Stan looked her over. “You look amazing.”

“See what magic I can do in a jiffy or two?” she said. She smiled at Stan, inserted her arm into his, and they walked the short hallway toward the stairs. “Now let’s go impress the hell out of that new boss of yours.”

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “jiffy.



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