Built for Two


David’s eyes teared up when he saw the father and son riding past him on the tandem bicycle. It wasn’t that long ago that he and his own father were enjoying taking such rides together.

But then his father expectantly suffered a massive heart attack that took his life. David was devastated by the loss. His father and mother used to ride a tandem bike before David was old enough. Once David was big enough, his father would help him onto the back of the bike and the two of them would spend hours exploring the bicycle trails in various city parks.

Having the bike in their garage, though, was just too much for his mother to bear, so she sold it without telling David.

Seeing the father and son that day reminded David that the tandem bike, now gone forever, was his father’s prized possession.

David’s tears streamed down his cheeks.

(152 words)

Written for Priceless Joy’s August 8th FFfAW challenge.

The Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge is to write a flash fiction story of up to 150 words (± 25), based on the weekly photo prompt. Photo credit: Dorothy.


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