Sneakers and Jeans


Ever since I retired at the end of last year, every day is casual Friday. My typical attire when the weather is warm consists of t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. In cooler weather, I replace the t-shirts with sweatshirts.

One of my first acts of retirement was to purge my wardrobe of most of my business attire. I did retain one suit, one dress shirt, one tie, and one pair of dress shoes just in case I am invited to a wedding or a funeral.

I also kept a blue blazer sport coat and a pair of khakis for those occasions that call for “dress casual.” Other than those items, though, everything else went to my local Goodwill store.

I truly feel liberated by being able to go casual every day. It’s the best thing about retirement.

Also, not having to get up and go to the office is pretty liberating.

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “casual.”


12 thoughts on “Sneakers and Jeans”

      1. I am underweight now because of my earlier health problems.. My shorts don’t fit me any more.. So Sweatshirt looks like a curtain.. I am thinking of buying the cuffed ones.. But only when the temperature is right..

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          1. Haha, basically I can’t rush to gain my weight. Chances are that it will do more damage (not that my hunger has return).. But all in good time.. Vegan ice cream.. Haha..

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  1. [ Smiles ] The only way I am going to discard my suits is if the particular style becomes outdated or they can no longer fit.

    But, everyone is entitled to do what pleases them; even if it means getting rid of 99% of their suits when they retire.

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      1. While taking care of my folks this summer I have had time to sew. In between sewing baby things, I made some nicer clothes for me, including a few casual dresses.

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