Blog Snobbery


Sandi over at Flip Flops Every Day wrote a post yesterday called Snobs in which she discussed, among other things, blog snobbery. I had not really given the notion of blog snobbery much thought until I read her post. Now I’m haunted by it. Thanks a bunch, Sandi.

“My name is Fandango and I’m a blog snob,” is what I imagine I would say when asked to introduce myself at my first meeting of Blog Snobs Anonymous (BSA). By the way, Blog Snobs Anonymous should not be confused with the other BSA (Boy Scouts of America). The BSA I’m talking about would never invite Donald Trump to address our group.

But I digress. I am a blog snob because there are certain types of blogs that I choose to not read. That’s not to say that such blogs are not perfectly fine blogs and that the bloggers whose posts are found on those blogs are not excellent bloggers. I choose not to read them simply because they’re not to my taste.

For me — and probably for most of you who are reading this post — blogging is not a full-time activity. In fact, there are relatively few hours each day that I can devote to blogging. Therefore, I have to diligently manage my limited “blog-time.”

Because time is finite, there simply isn’t enough of it to compose one or more posts a day, to read and respond to comments, and to read and comment on a bunch of other bloggers’ posts.

Hence, I must be a discriminating blogger. I have no choice but to pick and choose which posts to read and which bloggers to follow.

I know what I like and I know what I don’t like. I choose to spend my finite blog-time on what I like over what I don’t.

So yes, I am a blog snob, born more from necessity than from desire. And I bet most of you, if you think about it, are also blog snobs.

Let me know if you want details about the next meeting of Blog Snobs Anonymous.


21 thoughts on “Blog Snobbery”

  1. At the last Blog Snobs Anonymous meeting, I saw that blogger who stole my blog. I had something really great for the Daily Post and he published it first. I hate that guy he is such a thief and he has that mysterious air about him, because he has so many followers and he is the one who suggested that we need a dislike button for the lower-class blogs.

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  2. Hey, why I was I not invited. I am one the founding member after all. And I also believe what you are saying. As our motto remains,
    Time is infinite, but spending it isn’t..

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      1. Ah forget it.. Sandi will kick you in the nuts for this.. It seems your mail for her also got ‘lost’ and Jim always come late because you always ‘misspell’ the time.. Hmm.. Seems like the Secret Service is on to us..

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  3. [ Smiles ] Hmm. You’ve given me something to think about.

    Now, I don’t read any and every blog under the Sun either.

    Does that make me a blog snob?

    I don’t think so, because in reality, it is impossible to read every blog in cyberspace and comment on them.

    Also, there is nothing wrong in a person choosing to read certain niche-related blogs.

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  4. Yes, we all are little snooty-tooties in our ways. I think snobbery is more of an “air” about a particular person. You don’t come off as “better” than that individual for possessing some quality that you feel they don’t…thus making you better…you’re just managing your time. If someone reaches out to you (like I did prior) I’m sure you’d be kind in checking them out and responding too.

    But then…what do you do when you get really popular? And 50 plus people start commenting. That happened to my friend Paul and he had to type up a post indicating he alternates between visiting sites. I found that very diplomatic of him. Should I ever find myself in that boat, I think I might copy him. **copy cat, copy cat*** CCA

    Screw it – instead of blogging and commenting, we’re going to all be too busy attending our private meetings for various issues.

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