He’s a Sucker


“He’s the best,” Arianna said when Diane asked her about her new boyfriend. “His name is Daniel, but I call him Lollipop,” she added.

“Lollipop? Why do you call him Lollipop?” Diane asked, a quizzical look on her face.

A far off expression covered Arianna’s face, sort of a dreamy look. “Because he’s a sucker.”

“Because he’s a sucker?” Diane repeated, now really confused. “Isn’t that a bad thing?”

“Oh girl, no,” Arianna responded. “My Lollipop is a really good sucker,” she explained, winking at Diane. “And believe me, honey, that’s a very, very good thing.”

“Oh,” said Diane, hoping that she, too, could find her own lollipop some day soon.

And now for some good, old-fashioned, G-rated fun.


29 thoughts on “He’s a Sucker”

            1. Ouch, OK note to me.. Don’t make Fandango answer straightforward questions ’cause he will never answer those in a straightforward manner..

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  1. Oh, that’s sweet (as candy)…my husband is a lollipop. … but not a sucker… smart, like the owl… he knows how many licks it takes to get to the center of the tootsie pop.

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      1. Okay… Mighty Sighty … you mean to tell me some bloggers can explore “blowing brains out in car” and “craziness” but the subject of sexual innuendos is over the edge? I’m just wondering?

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          1. Still anonymous! How do you know if my real name is really Sandi? Or if anything I print is “real.” Just saying, we can fabricate anything we want. Weaving stories! Whether about death or sexual escapades!

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  2. I got into a similar discussion earlier today. A sexual connotation may have been ascribed by a reader to a ‘lollipop’ poem that I wrote, a connotation that I just did not see until much later. I didn’t even see the connotation in your story until the comment kerfuffle. Okay, I see that I was blind because, on rereading, your story has “wink wink” all over it.

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