Accidents Waiting to Happen

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People are unreliable. People behind the wheel of two-ton moving vehicles are particularly unreliable. They are texting, eating, spilling hot coffee on their crotches, talking to others in their cars, or simply daydreaming.

I know this because I’m a pedestrian, a bicyclist, and a driver — in that order — and I’ve been almost hit by many a distracted driver. Still, I’m a skeptic when it comes to the notion of autonomous or self-driving cars.

Seriously, who came up with that disastrous idea? Would you trust a car to make its own driving decisions? Would you sit back and write a WordPress post, check your Twitter account, or text your friends while a computerized robocar navigates congested city streets or speeds along a freeway?

And how about when you’re walking in the city? If you were crossing an intersection at a crosswalk, would you bet your life and continue along your merry way if you saw driverless car heading toward you? And as for bicyclists, humans driving cars have a hard time seeing cyclists on the road. Do you think a car with no driver would do a better job?

Sorry folks. I’m a strong supporter of evolving technologies to make our lives easier and better. But self-driving cars? I don’t think so.

This post was written for today’s WordPress one-word prompt: disastrous.



11 thoughts on “Accidents Waiting to Happen”

  1. You have to wonder don’t you if its about safety or saving money for governments. I have doubts same as you, but that could be as a fellow ageing soul I have trouble with technology being as useful as we are led to believe.

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  2. The driver’s car will go the way of the horse carriage. The only people able to drive will be those who can afford insurance for human drivers, which will sky-rocket in comparison to driver-less car insurance. In fact, there will be no car insurance for driver-less cars. The cars will be backed by corporations who will be able to afford all accidents, which will be few but “strategic.” Cars, traffic, homes will be run by Windows: Utopia. Resources will be conserved by killing everyone over the age of 30 — oh wait, I confused the inevitable future with ‘Logan’s Run.’

    Enjoy driving while you still can.

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    1. Hmm.. Not a hundred percent sure if the insurers disinterest in self driving cars.. will not affect the car sales.. Besides the one thing America does best is to ‘sue’..

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