Can I Get Some More Moxie?


I’m old enough to remember that Moxie was a soda brand. It was, back in the day, a very popular brand, even more popular at one point than Coca-Cola.

Moxie was introduced in 1876 and was one of the first mass produced carbonated beverages.

Since I’ve never come across Moxie beverages in any store that sells soda, I was wondering if it’s possible buy it anymore or if the brand is now defunct. So I went somewhere where you can buy virtually anything: Amazon. Sure enough, you can buy your very own six-pack of Moxie and have it shipped right to your door.


These days, though, for many, the word “moxie” conjures up attributes such courage, determination, nerve, and force of character. It’s similar to another recent WordPress one-word prompt, “pluck” and its synonym “spunk.”

And then, while searching for an image of Moxie to use for this post, I came across this:


I agree that what our country needs is more moxie and it has to start with the Republicans in Congress. They need to demonstrate courage, determination, and nerve. They need to stand together in a force of character. They need to stand up to Donald Trump in order to save our republic.

They need to show some moxie.

This post is for today’s one word prompt: Moxie.


13 thoughts on “Can I Get Some More Moxie?”

      1. Look, it’s okay to protest.. But if he becomes the centre of your life.. You will destroy your thoughts.. and your will burn yourself with mental agony..

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