Steam of Consciousness Saturday — A Limerick


For this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday post, Linda G. Hill’s instruction was to find a word with “ick” in it or use it as a word itself.

I wrote a poor excuse for a limerick for my last post, and since the word “limerick” ends with an “ick,” I thought I’d compose another limerick for this challenge. Hopefully a better one.

Are you ready? Here goes:

There once was a bastard named Rick

Whose behavior was that of a prick

We finally decided

We could no longer abide it

Cause that icky prick Rick made us sick.



26 thoughts on “Steam of Consciousness Saturday — A Limerick”

  1. What a credit you are in trying again, before long you’ll have composed a Fandango anthology which I will purchase and treasure always…or find it a useful doorstop…lol
    Beautiful rhymes by the way…

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      1. No stop it, it is your right to write whatever you want but I am not a fan of the bad mouthing comedy(let me call it that).. But the other guys commenting seem to love it.. You should definitely write it.. If you feel like it..


        1. I understand that Fandango is very talented.

          and I see you as a teacher, acting as a teacher would, desiring to bring the best out of their student…yes, you see greatness and perhaps to see work like this is disappointing because it simplifies, when you know greatness is waiting to burst from within – so I can completely understand your answer…

          …but also… sometimes (like Tom Cruise in Risky Business said) you gotta just say WTF – and let loose. And sometimes that may be “bad-mouthing” comedy. So I play along! And have fun with it!

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          1. I don’t know about “very talented,” but Slight called me “Momus,” who is the “personification of satire and mockery” in Greek mythology. So that explains today’s limerick, which is full of satire and mockery.

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        2. The prompt was to write something using the word “ick.” What came to mind when I tried, were words like “prick” and “sick.” For what it’s worth, I don’t even know anyone named Rick and this was simply a limerick, pure fiction. No mean and nasty bad mouthing intended.

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            1. So you mean if my first line had been, “There once was a dick named Rick,” (subbing “dick” for “bastard,” you’d have been okay with that? Interesting. I wish I’d thought of that, since “dick” also has “ick” in it.

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  2. Yep…it would have been brilliant.. And don’t care about what i said man… It was my preference.. Doesn’t mean you should tag yourself with it.. Beside.. Sandi and others were praising it.. Through and through.. I might add..

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      1. Okay, but, this is not politically correct and may be construed as offensive to some (though I mean no offense). I was in my 20s when I made this up.
        There once was a guy named Bill
        Who decided to take the pill
        The hormones he got
        Changed him a lot
        And now his name is Jill.

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